Chasing Brother Angel

by Tim Lowly

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The over-arching structural concept of this album is fairly simple: the songs are organized loosely in relation to the course of a day starting with morning (“A Stone at Dawn”), through the mid-day (“Garden”) and ending with night (“939”), with “Fading” as something of a coda.

The first of the tracks that I made - that is digitally constructed * - and recorded were “130” and “939” which I worked on over the winter of 2004-5.

Several of the songs were written in 2004 as I was preparing for two art exhibitions: I had decided to write a song with each painting that I was making.

In June of 2005 Danny Bracken (friend, former student and member of the band Anathallo), pianist Matthew Ganong and I spent an intensive week recording basic tracks for several of the songs. I did the remainder of the recording and mixing over the next three years.

* About the term “digitally constructed”: I used Protools in a relatively primitive manner that probably has more in common with “musique concrète” than conventional contemporary electronic music. For what it’s worth, I did not use any synthesizers, drum machines or samplers in making this album.

This project is dedicated to Alma Grubbs who has been busy setting the table in that bright meadow. Thanks Mom.


released May 1, 2008

Ethan Adelsman - violin
Christie Miller - clarinet
Ted Danyluk - percussion
Ryan Hammer - bass
Rebecca Perry - vocals
Steve Alspach - drum samples
Ryan Hammer - bass
Amy Moore - hammered dulcimer, vocals
Naomi Moore - vocals
Rachel Moore - vocals
Bill Moore - vocals
Joe Lill - flugelhorn
Cyndi Veimiester - vocals
Katie Cooper - violin
Matthew Ganong - piano, organ, hand bells, vocals, whistle, glockenspiel and percussion
Daniel J Bracken Jr. - hand bells, recording and production
Tim Lowly - vocals, guitar, bouzouki, hand bells, melodica, glockenspiel, percussion, recording, digital tomfoolery and production

Recorded in Chicago at Chez Lowly, Berry UMC, North Park University and North Eastern Illinois University.

Mastered by Jason Ward at Chicago Mastering Service.

All album art by Amy Huddleston .

CD and booklet design by Daniel J. Bracken Jr.

Thanks for the assistance, inspiration and support:
Daniel J. Bracken Sr.
Daniel J. Bracken Jr.
Matthew Ganong and the rest of the fabulous "Epilogists": Ethan, Ryan and Ted
Amy Huddleston for making such marvelous art
North Park University, students and faculty
Jon Peppler and all the other fine folk at Berry UMC
Hillary Marshall
Rebecca Miller
Katie Cooper
Christie Miller
my sibs
and the two who make it possible: Sherrie and Temma



all rights reserved


tim lowly & BABY MOUNTAIN Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: A Stone at Dawn
a stone at dawn
cold water in the basin
these walls' rough plaster
after the hammering
of so much insistence
on the need for naming
after the travesties
that passed as faces,
grace: the unction
of sheer nonexistence
upwelling in this
hyacinthine freshet
of the unnamed
the faceless

on this day
earth shall ring
with the song
children sing

Track Name: Riverside
Sit with me
Sit with me
Sit with me
Be my riverside

I am slipping by
No matter how tight
You hold me
I am slipping by

Sit with me
Sit with me
Be my riverside

There’s a hint of sky
Theres’s the play of light
The deep unknown
That you see in my eyes

Sit with me
Sit with me
Be my riverside

Track Name: All Wrapped Up
You’re all wrapped up
Why, why, why
You’re all wrapped up
Fly, fly, fly, fly away

One thousand birds in a tree
And you’re all that I’ve got

Saint Theresa in a
blue green sweatshirt

Ceci n’est pas une pipe (this is not a pipe)
If you know what I mean

One thousand birds in a tree
And you’re all that I’ve got


“ceci n’est pas une pipe” (“this is not a pipe”) refers to a painting by Magritte of a pipe accompanied by the text
“ceci n’est pas une pipe

Track Name: Garden
What is this, this garden
Whose hands dug damp earth
to plant it here between us
This tangle ivy
Lovers, wrestlers Siamese
tumbling into sunlight
Cool lily grace
Clover giggle
Blush of the waking rose
Root deep aroma of knowing
Still wondering
We wander out into this
summer morning

Track Name: Robin
hear the broken chord
we stumble and we yearn
search the charred remains
of the controlled burn

o, the robin pays a visit to hell
hand held up
i’m falling, i’m falling
o, the robin sings “all will be well”
hand held up
i’m calling

now the prairie is grown again
the eagle plays the dove
complacency’s coup of broad land
but still the broken chord

o, the robin pays a visit to hell
hand held up
i’m falling, i’m falling
o, the robin sings “all will be well”
hand held up
i’m calling

Track Name: Brother Angel
I am chasing brother angel
Round the table in the bright meadow
With his palette of graceful colors
Catching them is like catching smoke

Stick figure lovers in a sidewalk picture
Pastel bright and child’s touch bold
We will swim this sky blue river
With hallowed fish: black and gold

Someone gave me this sweet, sweet orange
When I taste it I’m ten years old
With my father on the road home from Kimjeh
Oh the love that makes this sweet world roll

Track Name: Sandro
Sandro this beauty is catching me off guard
I’m lost in the current
I always reach too far
into the dark
I’m coming up empty
this beauty holds the key to my heart

A waxed winged flying fool
Climbs too close to the sun
The gardening angel
picks up a plow and moves on

The beauty holds the key
to my heart

Track Name: Twilight Rise
Twilight rise
in blue light I wake
too your singing
I open my eyes
to find
that I’ve been dreaming

If night is forgiving
Dusk is you singing

Like a ghost
in the trees
your sweet voice
is weaving
a veil of goodbyes
the final embrace
the leaving

If night is forgiving
Dusk is you singing

Pedro’s guitar
is calling
like that Picasso
Mary, she cries
the melody says
what she knows

If night is forgiving
Dusk is you singing

Track Name: Love Song
I wish to settle deep in you
like heaven sunk in pond water
Eyes flowing into eyes flesh into flesh
Our lives both on fire
Though I am left all alone
You share my breath, racing in my blood
O flower that blooms in my soul’s darkness
In one with me, and yet a distant land

Track Name: Fading
Rising into the light

I held your hand
As we climbed that winding road
Into that strange paradise
I still call home

Rising into the light

Now I hold your hand again
As you climb that road
Into paradise
You’re going home

Rising into the light